Marijuana legalization essay sources

This article was on a regional marijuana summit in Ohio. But, many marijuana users fail to realize that cigarettes and alcohol have bad side effects like any other addictive drug. Because it is available. Until the government of US and many other established countries outlawed its use, smoking marijuana had been a widespread activity for thousands of years.

Legalizing medical cannabis would make this affordable and all-natural drug available to deserving patients, which would in turn improve their quality of life Shohov, It appears that Marijuana may be with us well into the future. Testing for mold, fungus, bacteria, and other microbial organisms should be required to ensure safety and quality.

He also does a very good job of keeping his bias out of the article. This causes short-term physiological medical effects that include rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, increased blood pressure, dry mouth, red eyes, slowed reaction time, and increased appetite.

Flowers and other cannabis products sold to consumers should include cannabinoid profiles on labels, including the content of THC, CBD and other major cannabinoids, and the number and concentration of doses.

This paper outlines Washington's side-by-side experiments: Authorized patients will be required to carry an identification card with the due approval of the Department of Health, renewable yearly. This kind of summit could actually help progress the pro-legalization cause.

The writer does a nice job at keeping his bias out of his writing. The questions that may arise in future research will be how to address the sentences of already incarcerated individuals, or whether it would be a humanitarian move to remit them.

This writer does a nice job of bringing in people for sources who are actually close to the issue. These bills that are circulating through various state Houses are nothing but good news. Since there are 18 states that have legalized pot, Ohio is looking to push into that group. Some research paper on legalization of marijuana interviews, legalization of The government also may have a right to limit individual actions if the actions pose a significant threat to the individual.

If you should hit a pay wall when browsing these newspapers, simply search for articles from any of these three papers using the ProQuest Newstand library database. The smartest part of the way this summit is constructed was by bringing in people who held power in all parts of the local government.

The use of marijuana in the United States starts at an early age of between 12 and 17, usually due to peer pressure and curiosity. The bill proposes to remove pot from the Controlled Substance Act. But until there is one solid voice for this issue, it will not go anywhere in the House or the Senate.

There is also the argument that marijuana acts as a stepping-stone to the use of harder drugs Younts, DonAt Hold Your Breath. Many individuals believe that marijuana should not be placed in the same category like heroin, cocaine, and crack.

Since the authorities banned the recreational use, sale, and growth of this substance many groups have sprung up and protests have been organized to fight for the right to possess and use the plant.

Sources For Marijuana Research Papers

Medical Use, Dependency, Criminal On another note, marijuana has been medically proven to help individuals deal with the side effects of having certain diseases like glaucoma or cancer. Literature Review using 12 sources, the topic is “Would the legalization of marijuana improve the lives of people as well as the economy?” “Marijuana Legalization and States Rights.

We will write a custom essay sample on Marijuana Legalization: an Annotated Bibiliography specifically for you for only $/ Medical Marijuana Sources for your Essay Medical Marijuana Use Not only does this help in making it more easily available, but it also increases its qualities and sellers have to compete and deliver better product, especially in places like Colorado where marijuana is legal.

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Argumentative Essay: Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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This issue of the legalization of marijuana in modern day society is a very controversial issue.

Marijuana Legalization Sources for your Essay

Some think making marijuana legal would not benefit society, others including myself believe legalizing marijuana can greatly benefit society Marijuana refers to a drug derived from dried leaves, stems, and flowers of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis sativa, as it is known scientifically, bears a chemical known as “delta-9 teterahydrocannabinol” (THC in short) that alters mind functions of the user (Cohen, ) /essays/expository/

Marijuana legalization essay sources
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